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Windows 2000 warning: 1 min to shutdown

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Okay, one of the PC from our Plant got some really weird error. It’s a Windows 2000 system and whenever you load windows a popup goes with error saying like this:

The system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved changes will be lost. This shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.

The system process C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\SERVICES.EXE terminated unexpectedly with status code 128. The system will shut down and restart.

From Microsoft site:;en-us;318447

Once that popup appear, it will start a 1 minute countdown before shutting down the system. Here’s the problem, I can’t fix it if it doesn’t let me in. I know that I can issue a command “shutdown -a” to abort the countdown but I can only do it if I have access to a CMD prompt or on the Run menu.  So here some of ways I have tried:

1. Normal boot,  not a chance. Computer too slow to load before I can have glimpse of the Start menu. Failed.

2. Normal Safe Mode (the first option), popup still appears. But loading goes up to Windows Logon. I press Enter and nothing happens. Failed.

3. Safe Mode with Command Prompt (the usual third option), goes up to Windows Logon. I press Enter and after a few seconds, a CMD prompt appears. Countdown is now on 15 seconds. I quickly typed “shutdown -a”. Error appears it wasn’t supported. Damn! Computer now reboots itself. Failed.

4. Boot Windows CD. Goes to setup, and enter Recovery Console. Type “help”. I didn’t find a command to be of any use. Failed.

5. Boot Windows CD. Goes to setup, press R, choose Quick Restore. After rebooting and loading windows. Popup still there. Failed.

6. Boot Windows CD. Goes to setup, press R, choose Manual Restore. Same with no. 5. Failed.

This time, I almost gave up.  And take a break.

Going back from the Microsoft support page, I think I have to try the registry thing. I decided to create Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (UBCDWin 3.50) because it says that it has an offline Registry Editor.

7. I load UBCD CD.  Load Registry Editor. Unfortunately, I can’t find the key HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Lanmanserver\Shares. Failed.

I decided to scan the disk for virus. But before that, I need to clear first if it got any disk errors. I run Chkdsk. It repairs some errors, maybe due to improper shutdown. I also run Chkdsk -r to locate bad sectors and repair them.

I have run AntiVir. It doens’t found anything. Tried McAfee Stinger, none too. Tried Spybot, still no signs of malware or virus or anything.

I have found this site: It says deleting Winsock2 from the Registry. I load the Editor and delete it. After rebooting, it still doesn’t work.

Now, I’m running out of options. I’ve started to explore from the programs included on UBCD. Clicking here and there. LOL.. Then this one program save my day.

ezpcfix from ubcd

ezpcfix from ubcd

Can be found on Programs -> Anti-Spyware Tools -> EZPcFix

I clicked that Winsock/Winsock2 then restarted the computer. The popup error was now gone!! How nice..  Since it involved Winsock2, I tested it for network connection. It can’t connect to the internet. Or access a shared resource.

I decided to uninstall TCP/IP from Network Connection. Then restart.

Then after I reinstall TCP/IP, no more popup error and my network connectivity is back 🙂